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[Unimelb] Cognitive Psychology Note With 50+ Practice Questions

[Unimelb] Cognitive Psychology Note With 50+ Practice Questions

Welcome to PSYC20007! I'm an H1 achiever for all of my Psyc subjects but this one hits me the hardest! The content is massive and worst of all, abstract. Notes are super helpful as long as you take the time to read, but I personally have wasted so much money on buying notes and end up not even finishing them.

So, I came up with the idea of "filling in the blank". It helps you concentrate on the notes, work through the meanings, and check your understandings.
It challenges you without pushing too hard (on average 30 blanks per week, the answers are straight from the lecture slides, in the correct order, and feel free to check them at the 'answer' section).
# There are also 50+ MC for you to practice!

This note:
1. Covers all of the content from lecture slides (w1-12)
2. 'Q&A' form
3. 50+ Multiple choice questions & detailed explanations


University: UniMelb

Subject: PSYC20007-Cognitive Psychology

Completed in: Semester 2, 2020

Page length: 35 pages

Word count: 13,400 words



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