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[Unimelb]MBB1 H1 Note

[Unimelb]MBB1 H1 Note

[Unimelb] MBB1 H1 Note 
这份笔记包含Learning&Memory, Perception&Sensation, Behavioural Neuroscience, Psychological Research Methods四个章节的所有考点(术语,概念,理论,实验,案例)。
内容来自于lecture slides, tutorials 以及require readings的重点整理。


This note contains all the topics that will be covered in the final exam, which combines lectures, tutorials, and key aspects of required readings. 
Hence, it can be used as a guide for your final exam review. Command + F, and enter the author’s name or anything you want to know, then you can find the corresponding terms, theories, principles, experiments, and case studies.

Version: 2021 Semester 1
Page numbers: 42 pages
Word count: 9385 words

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