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[Unimelb] MBB2 H1 Note

[Unimelb] MBB2 H1 Note

这份笔记包含Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology和Research Method 五个章节的考点(术语,概念,事实,理论,实验,案例,公式等)。内容来自于lecture slides, tutorials 以及require readings的重点整理。你可以将这份笔记作为你的期末考试复习指南。通过PDF的关键词检索功能和目录跳转功能,快速查找到你需要了解的知识点。


This note contains all the topics that will be covered in the final exam, which combines lectures, tutorials, and key aspects of required readings. Hence, it can be used as a guide for your final exam review. Command + F, and enter the author’s name or anything you want to know, then you can find the corresponding key terms, theories, facts, principles, experiments, case studies, and formulas.


Version: 2021 Semester 2

Page numbers: 64 pages

Word count: 15,369 words



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