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[Unimelb] Psychopathology Of Everyday Life H1 Notes

[Unimelb] Psychopathology Of Everyday Life H1 Notes

Document outlines each week and combines lectures, tutorial and Key Aspects of Readings. Key terms are presented in blue boxes and DSM criteria for each mentioned mental disorder.
The notes cover below topics

- Intro & History of Psychopathology

- Models of Psychopathology

- Anxiety disorders

- Mood disorders

- Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders

- Dissociative and somatic symptom disorders

- Eating disorder

- Trauma stressor-related disorders

- Personality Disorder

- OCD and related disorders

- Disorders of childhood and adolescence

- Addictive disorders


Version: 2021 semester 1

Page numbers: 72 pages



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